“Lunch for a Cause” from 156 LT AD MSL Regiment and Family Welfare Organizations of Indian Army

Today, 156 LT AD MSL Regiment and Family Welfare Organizations of Indian Army at Mama Achchleshwar Nagar, Sangaria Prabhat Kendra provided food to about 80 children of Sanskar Kendra under “Lunch for a Cause” program.
In this program, Officer in Charge (OIC) of 156 LT AD MSL Regiment of Indian Army Lt Col Nikhil and his wife, Captain Rohit and his team were present along with Balisingh ji, Rochit ji, Ganpat ji, Ridu ji and their family members. contribution received.


Independence day celebrated by children

Independence Day was celebrated by the children of Madhav Sanskar Kendra running through “Bharat Vikas Parishad” and “Shri Madhav Seva Samiti Jodhpur”. Various programs were presented by the children for this purpose. The officers present encouraged the children and inspired them to move forward.


Second turning point

Another important turning point in the work of the Madhav Seva Samiti came in 2012 when Bhagwan Mahavir Child Welfare Trust of Jaipur pledged financial support for the conduct of the school and the ritual centers for the Madhav Seva Samiti Jodhpur. As a result of their financial support, Madhav Seva The work of the committee increased rapidly and the work was expanded in Jaipur and Jodhpur  as well his support As a result of being able to take the task of taking the work across Rajasthan

Seva karya सेवा कार्य

Seva karya - सेवा कार्य

श्री माधव सेवा समिति जोधपुर द्वारा कोरोना काल में संस्कार केंद्र के बच्चों की शिक्षा एवं परिवार जनों को जागरुकता के लिए किये जा रहे कार्य पर ई टीवी भारत की एक रिपोर्ट।

Third turning point

The third important turning point in terms of expansion in the work of Madhav Seva Samiti came in February 2018 when Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has provided Madhav Seva Samiti for providing financial support to 35 Sanskar centers in Jaipur, Jodhpur for the Social Responsibility (CSR). Promised As a result, our work today has doubled in Jaipur, Jodhpur compared to last year, as well as a school and sanskar center has started in Bikaner and Sikar.
In the communities where our work is going on, new dimensions are being considered in the expansion of the work and in order to benefit the deprived society more and more.