Madhav Sewa Samiti is a non Government, nonprofit service organization dedicated for bringing Education and development to Rural area, Tribal area, Urban slum area and Low income group in India. Madhav Sewa Samiti was founded in 2007, with the aim to. Realize the untapped potential of Rural, Tribaurban slum area people which have waited for long to emerge and flourish. Empowered the backward Indians, socially and economically as the new face of nation.

Constitution of the institution-

In the year 2004, the institution started as a school in Chameli Bagh ground in Akhapura Mauhalla of Alwar, which continued and continued to increase in the number of students.


Registration: As per requirement, register the institution in 2006-2007, whose register No. 172 / Al / 2006-07. School recognition was compulsory in 2011-12. Therefore, according to governmental mandate, the admission of upper primary school as per departmental rules has been received for 2011-12.

12A and 80G Certificate: The institution expanded its activities as required, the organization fulfills its financial requirement by donation from society. According to the demands of Bhamashahs, the institution was registered in 80 days at 8.07.2014 and under 80G on 10.09.2014, so that the bureaucrats supporting the organization could get the benefit of 80G exemption as per Income Tax Act, 1961.

School Charges: Institutes in the institutions run by the institute provide complete educational material to the students of Alwar with educational facilities.
(In which – books, copies, bags, dresses, shoes, shoakes, jerseys, stationery)
Institution girls only Rs 50 in school as token money Monthly requirement and 25% of the total value of the academic material takes away the remaining balance with the help of the society and social institutions.

Sanskar Kendra: The institute is conducting 2 hour ritual center free of cost and provides free educational material as well.

Work Expansion: In the past, the service was operated only in the district of Alwar, but at present (from session 18-19 (service in Alwar, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Sikar districts) it is operational so also in the registration of the institution The amendment has been done in whole of Rajasthan.
Current activities run by the institution (from session 17-18):
(1) Keshav Adarsh ​​Vidy Mandir High Primary-Barai Basti Buddha Vihar-Alwar
(2) Keshav Adarsh ​​Vidya Mandir Primary- Chamelibag, Akhaipura-Alwar
(3) Madhav Sanskar Kendra – Haripura-Pt. Prithvipura, Malakhera (Alwar)
(4) Madhav Samskar Kendra – Gangodi – P. S. Kasba Dehra   Alwar (district-Alwar) (primary level)
(5) Madhav Samskar Kendra – Bhagwanpura (Alwar city) (2 hours in the evening)
(6) Stitching Training Center (6 months) Chameli Bagh- Akhaipura, Alwar
(7) English speaking course Chameli Bagh- Akhaipura, Alwar
(8) Jaipur: – 42 Sanskar Kendra, a computer training center
(9) Jodhpur: – 32 Sanskar Kendra Special: – 1 Government school has been adopted. Also, a sewing training center in collaboration with Polytechnic College.
(10) Bikaner – an elementary school
(11) Sikar – a ritual center (2 hours)

Future plan: –
Alwar –
(1) Residential School Operations (Class 6 to 12)
Note: – Allotment of 2000 square meters of land by UIT Alwar for the construction of the said school Plot no. In Ambedgar Nagar Yojana 2 has been done in the same form.
(2) Operation of 5 new culture centers (2 hours in the evening)
(3) Operation of Computer Training Center
(4) In Jaipur 60 and Jodhpur 40 centers for Kendra and class 9th and 10th coaching in Jaipur and Jodhpur.
2. Societal institutions and trusts: to whom the organization gets support
(1) Madhava Trust Jaipur
(2) Lord Mahavir Child Welfare Trust- Jaipur
(3) Gangadin Niranjanlal Data Charitable Trust-Alwar
(4) Mata Gomti Devi Jan Seva Fund-Alwar (in collaboration with Lupine) Ganapati Festival Committee- Alwar
(5) Lions Club,
(6) Friendship Club-Alwar
(7) Khanchand Chimnibai, Hazratti Smrti Trust
(8) Lord Mahavir Handicapped Society- Jaipur (Jaipur Foot)
(9) Mr. Rajiv Daga Ji
(10) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited